Designing Your Success

The Running Architect is dedicated to helping you, the runner, achieve your success. You define your goals and The Running Architect applies the architectural design process to your running and training plan. Each training plan is uniquely designed to meet each runner's specific goals. Whether a new or veteran runner, The Running Architect will design a plan then closely collaborate with you to fit your specific goal! 

The Running Architect is Coach Lee Mamola. Coach Lee's approach also uniquely blends the architectural design process with running. There are numerous similarities between the practice of architecture and running. As an architect designs a building to uniquely and functionally “fit” to a specific site, Coach Lee “fits” specifically designs a training schedule to each runner. Coach Lee blends his 52 years of running with 48 years of architecture to provide his truly unique style of coaching. The importance of disciplined approach, analysis, planning, adapting, creativity, and are applied to fit each runner’s specific goals and objectives.

During his dual career as an architect and a runner, he has received recognition for his designs and racing. His design work has been published in various national and local publications, and he has received distinguished awards from his profession. He is often among the top finishers in his age in races from 5K to the Marathon, USA Track and Field (USATF) National Championships, while also mentoring and coaching runners.

The Running Architect is available to provide services to runners at most any location via digital format and communication. In person, on-site/road services are also available to runners who are located in the SE Michigan area. Refer to the  Services link above for further details.

The Running Architect is dedicated to help you achieve your running success!

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