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The Running Architect is dedicated to help you achieve your running success

Designing Your Running Success

  • The Running Architect is dedicated to helping you, the runner, achieve your success.

  • The Running Architect applies the architectural design process to your running and training plan.

  • Each training plan is uniquely designed to meet each runner's specific goals.

  • Whether a new or veteran runner, The Running Architect will design a plan then closely collaborate with you to fit your specific goal! 

  • The Running Architect is Coach Lee. Coach Lee's approach also uniquely blends the architectural design process with running.

  • There are numerous similarities between the practice of architecture and running. As an architect designs a building to uniquely and functionally “fit” to a specific site, Coach Lee “fits” specifically designs a training schedule to each runner.

  • Coach Lee blends his 52 years of running with 48 years of architecture to provide his truly unique style of coaching.

  • The importance of disciplined approach, analysis, planning, adapting, creativity, and are applied to fit each runner’s specific goals and objectives.

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