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The Plan

The services and training sessions outlined below are intended to serve a broad range of runners. With the exception for individual consultations or customized sessions, each training session has a total training period. The training sessions are assumed to start the number of weeks indicated below prior to a runner's destination or goal event. Runners may also join training sessions with less time (and fee) than indicated provided they understand they may not receive the overall benefit of the training session. The extent of remaining training time available will be weighed for any fee adjustment.

Sessions include the topics of: fueling for training and race day, how to include races as training, running form, running gear, running safe, stretching, designing your race strategy, the mental approach, and many more similar topics. While services are based upon the runners destination race, services involving other races during a training session are also included. Example, if a runner joins in  early summer with the focus towards a fall marathon, then any summer/early fall races are also included in the runners training plan.

Training for a specific destination race begins with an evaluation of each runner. The evaluation process evaluates the runner’s goal(s), ability to attain the goal, ability to devote time and effort, and general fitness to begin a training program. The assessment typically involves a series of email exchanges and either a phone or in person meeting.

Following the assessment, Coach Lee will prepare an overall training plan that generally outlines each week’s runs. Coach Lee provides specific runs and workouts spelling out in detail the type of run, pace, distance, and other advice. The plan is different for each runner and designed to meet each runner’s overall goal for their training.

The runner also logs their workouts and communicates with Coach Lee at the end of each week. Coach Lee then updates the runner’s plan again with specific instructions for the runner’s week ahead. This process is repeated throughout the entire training period.  The runner is also provided direction for strength training, fueling, race strategies, post-race evaluation/recovery, and more.


Fees for training plans associated with specific destination races or specific goals are individually quoted to each runner prior to beginning a training period. The fees are generally based upon a weekly rate and the extent of individual coaching "Run With" sessions (if any).  There is no charge for initial consultations via phone or email. A fee will be required if initial consultation involves a meeting or running session (see Individual Consultation below).

Post Race Evaluation:  Each runner who completes their destination event with the help of The Running Architect will receive an individualized post race evaluation. Each runner will also receive recommendations for recovery training intended to help each runner avoid potential future injury and safely return to running and racing. There is NO FEE for this service.

Initial Assessment: Training plans targeted to your destination event.  Before each training plan can begin there is an evaluation session. A questionnaire will be provided to each runner. Information regarding the runners training history, schedule, goals, and similar information is to be provided. One of the first items for evaluation will involve a determination of how realistic a runner's goals are and does the runner have adequate time to realistically reach their goals.  As an example, if a runner who has only been running periodically intends to train and run a marathon in two months then that runner's goals are very likely not realistic and should be adjusted accordingly. The Running Architect will subsequently (within several days) prepare an initial outline or general "Master Plan" that outlines the general training plan for the runner to reach their goal. This plan and other topics are reviewed with the runner prior to starting each session. Only after the runner and coach can agree upon a viable plan with reasonable goal(s) does the training session begin.  This service is required for all new running clients or those running clients who have not been a part of The Running Architect's training sessions for more than 6 months.  Initial Assessment fee $40 and will be applied to a race training program of 12 weeks or longer.

Marathon $ 125 16 weeks (minimum, 20 weeks recommended minimum, see Pre Half or Full Marathon training below. Beginner marathoners are encouraged to begin with at least 4 weeks or more of participation in the "Pre Marathon" program.)

Basis:  Runner has averaged 20 or more miles per week for at least 4 weeks prior to training sessions, or has been an experienced runner at distances less than the marathon. 

Half Marathon: $ 125 16 weeks  (minimum, 20 weeks recommended minimum, see Pre Half or Full Marathon training below. Beginner marathoners are encouraged to begin with at least 4 weeks or more of participation in the "Pre Marathon" program.)

Basis:  Runner has averaged 25-35 miles per week for at least 4 weeks prior to training sessions, and has completed at least one half marathon. Beginner runners are encouraged to begin with at least 4 weeks of participation in the “Pre Half Marathon” training session.

Individual Consultations:  Specific sessions as requested by the runner to review topics determined by the runner. May be either in person, phone, or at a running location. Rates are $45 per hour (1 hr min). The fee includes a written summary of the consultation provided to the runner.

Monthly Training:  $45 per month, renewable on a monthly (4 wk) basis

Basis: Highly personalized training, this is intended for a runner that is seeking specific support during a critical part of their overall training session.

It can also be used to assist a runner who is in midst of training and seeking the assistance of a certified running coach for the balance of their training aimed at a specific targeted race of the runner's choosing.  The training session is specifically designed to pick up where the runner has left off and build upon what the runner has already accomplished.  

This option also works well for a runner who is seeking to get into "race shape" but who has yet to select a destination race. 

Pre Half or Full Marathon Training:  $25 for minimum of four weeks, and $5 per each week or portion of week beyond the first four weeks.

A four week Pre-Training period is FREE for any returning client of The Running Architect.

Basis: This is intended for a runner with some prior race experience at any distance and is seeking to build a running base towards a specific half or full marathon before a formal 16 to 20 week training period. Suggested total training period is 4 weeks minimum and is tailored to each runner’s personal experiences and goals. The mandatory Initial Assessment process and related fees may be waived for this course however, the Initial Assessment must still occur prior to beginning any training session.


All fees are to be paid in advance and are non-refundable. Individual sessions may be rescheduled without charges if notice is provided at least 4 hours in advance. Payment by cash or check.

Should a runner not be able to complete a training course due to significant injury, unique personal incident, or similar unforeseen unique circumstance during the first 60% of the course, the runner may apply any unused pro-rated fees towards any future course provided by The Running Architect. There will be no fee adjustment or refunds for any Pre Half or Full Marathon Training course.

All runners must sign a waiver and agree to the Standard Terms and Conditions of The Running Architect. These documents will be provided to the runner in advance of each training session.

Discounted Rates for Half or Full Marathon training sessions available to members of The 501 Running Club.

Sign-Up: Email your interest, training session, or question(s) to Coach Lee: call/text  248-773-9970