Summer Running

It’s the first day of summer. With all the various fun possibilities that lie ahead this summer, what better way to kick off the start of summer but to go for a run? It can be any run, it does not need to be a tough grueling training run, just a simple run. Run easy, run to enjoy, run to celebrate that you are simply able to run!

For me, the entire month of June is my favorite month to run. Running is simple in June. You no longer need to fret over what type of clothing to counter the elements. A simple shirt, shoes, shorts, hat, and maybe sunglasses will do the trick.

I prefer morning runs and attempt to avoid running in darkness. The earlier sunrises in June align perfectly with building my miles while minimizing the impact to the balance of the day’s activities. June is also the month where humidity levels have yet to appear to significantly impact your run too. Yet, there are enough warm days to help your body become acclimated to the warmer months of July and August.

Your running success for the fall begins in June. The combination of longer daylight hours and weeks of near optimal conditions provides a great opportunity to build a strong base that you can reap the benefits from later in the fall.

So enjoy this day, take advantage of the longer daylight hours and go for a run, for I hate to say it, but the days of long sun will slowly diminish each day.

Finally, there is also still time to take advantage of The Running Architect’s June Special !! Click to the Services page to see the details, as of this post there are only 3 slots remaining at this rate.

Run Happy and Run Simple.

Thanks for reading my post.

Coach Lee

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