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One of my favorite local running paths

One of my favorite local running paths

The End Is Near!

The end of your running year may be near if not already over.  However, whether you realize it or not, it’s also the beginning of a new year too!  November and December are excellent months to recover from a grueling year of running and also plan your race schedule for the coming year. But, these months are often when runners are extremely susceptible to fitness regression.

For me the combination of the change in weather, less daylight, holiday commitments, seasonal chores, and even a warm fire in my fireplace each evening result in an attitude change where I believe I don’t really need to run today. After all, thanks to my training I am fit, one more day of rest may actually be good? I tell myself I will go tomorrow, then of course don’t run. Then of course, tomorrow arrives and the scenario repeats. By the end of the week my running log is nearly barren. Slowly but surely my morning weigh-in reminds me that I have been putting off my training.

Then suddenly before I know it the new year may only be a few days away and when I do manage to hit the road for a run my pace is not what it used to be just a few weeks ago. I feel like a new novice runner. Sure, I may have a renewed determination to return to my personal peak performance level but I also realize it will not be easy. I cuss at myself for not maintaining my fitness level and fantasize about the time just a few weeks prior, when running was a much easier venture.

So, what is the solution?  How to prevent this scenario? How can you not only assure your fitness level but also enter into the new year ready to compete? 

Well, the answer is rooted in accountability. Having a person such as an experienced running coach can greatly improve your chances of emerging from these two months ready to run in the new year!

The Running Architect is offering an end of year training program to get you ready for 2019. 

The program consists of weekly plans designed for your specific goals. It begins with gaining an understanding of your running year, evaluation of your training and racing, and what you are aiming to achieve in 2019. 

Next, each week a schedule a unique will be prepared for you, a one week “look ahead”. The schedule will outline training and times for the week ahead.  Then during the week you will be contacted on a regular basis to help assure your success for each week. This process is repeated on a weekly basis to the end of the session.

  • The program is e-based and includes unlimited email and/or text communications.  

  • The weekly sessions begin November 5, 2018 and extend to January 1, 2019.  

  • The fee for this program is only $35* for a limited number of spots available!

  • Maximize your investment and sign-up now!

Thank you for visiting my blog and Run Happy!

* The fee for any existing members of a RRCA club is $25

The Running Architect

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