The Architecture of Coaching

An architect is one of the world's oldest professions yet also one of the least understood too. The title of Architect can be traced to ancient times with the word meaning "Master Builder". The ancient architects were responsible for not only the design of buildings and structures but they also constructed the entire project. They oversaw and orchestrated the entire process!  

In today's' world the role of the architect has substantially diminished since ancient times but the architect still maintains the responsibility to oversee and coordinate many other diverse disciplines involved with the design and construction of a building. Today's architect is less of an expert in any single disciple such as structure, lighting, energy, site design, and many more, but brings value to their client's by being able to truly orchestrate a wide diversity of specialty disciplines into a successful building for their client.

If you think about it, the same is true in the running world.  There are experts in a variety of specific topic areas such as; nutrition, strength training, injuries, shoes and gear, and so many more. What the runner is left with is a hit and miss approach on what works best for each different runner, and why something is best for that runner. 

Many runners will hire a running coach and very often the coach has a huge impact towards the runner achieving their goal. What makes The Running Architect's approach to running unique is the depth of experience and proven ability to synthesize the countless options each runner is faced with in training to enable the runner to be more efficient in their training and to reach their specific goal.

Very few people ever have the experience to work with an architect, thus most people lack an understanding of just what an architect does and how does an architect bring value to their clients. The same cannot be said of many other professions, especially in the areas of medicine, law, finance, etc. Through working with The Running Architect, the runner will gain insights to the architectural process while achieving "Success" as a runner. 


So You Signed Up to Run a Full or Half Marathon!

So You Signed Up to Run a Full or Half Marathon!